Our team is successful due to their hard work, dedication, and commitment to the goal. 

Rebekah Gupta - CEO & President

Rebekah was born and raised in Orlando, Florida. She graduated cum laude from Florida State University with a degree in Psychology, minoring in Business Management. After college, she returned home to pursue a career related to her degree. Rebekah started in a entry-level position, hoping to learn about sales/marketing and get some experience in the business world. Not long after, she realized the possibilities behind a company with a performance based and no seniority philosophy. She took advantage of this idea and started her own office in 2017. Rebekah plans to continue to learn as much as possible every day, and now transfer the knowledge so that she can provide opportunities for any individuals that display true grit.

Casey - Consultant

Casey was born and raised in London.  Growing up, Casey was an avid soccer player, which lead him to obtain a soccer scholarship to Campbellsville University. While attending, Casey received a masters in education.

After obtaining his masters, Casey decided to apply that knowledge in the business world. ​After finding a company that had the qualities Casey was looking for; a competitive team environment with upward mobility, Casey joined the sales & marketing industry in 2014. Casey now continues to mentor and teach, and hopes to coach soccer in the future as well. 

Katie - Human Resources
Katie is the newest addition to the GRT team. After completing 2 years at Winthrop University, Katie decided to moved back home to Maryland, where she would finish her Human Resource Management degree at University of Maryland University College. After school, she decided to move back to Charlotte to pursue her career in  HR Management. Her goal is to add value to any individual that is part of the team through employee relations and a creating a great company culture. In her spare time, Katie enjoys hanging out with her dog Dunkin and anything to do with shopping. Right now, Katie is excited for the opportunity for growth at the company and to see what is to come!
Rene - SEO & Social Media
Rene would like to say she is from somewhere with warm weather, sandy beaches and SEC football, but in all actuality she’s just from a small town outside of Kansas City, Missouri. She studied graphic design at The University of Missouri. While attending, she was involved with multiple clubs and organizations.  After moving back to Kansas City, Rene began working with a sales and marketing firm. Rene started in 2014, as an Account Manager and was offered a challenging role, which led her career path towards the internal side of our business.
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