Located in the heart of Charlotte, GRT Consulting is creating something to remember every single day. We pride ourselves on providing the best campaign development by increasing results for our clients through innovative sales and marketing strategies. Our firm is a dominating force in the industry, bringing our clients results with integrity and offer a 100% satisfaction rate for both our new customers and current staff. By providing our staff with the highest quality service and utmost level of professionalism, we offer endless opportunities for our employees to gain new skill sets and opportunity for advancement.

GRT Consulting, Inc. Conference


Our mission at GRT Consulting is to generate tangible results for our clients using an efficient direct marketing and sales strategy and provide a thriving work environment with endless opportunities for our team members. At GRT Consulting, growth is our main focus! We believe that an individual can always find a new way to improve, learn, or develop.


GRT Consulting was founded on 3 core business principles: Professionalism, Prominence, and Prosperity. We will hold our team to a high standard of excellence and integrity; we will exceed our client's expectations on both quality and quantity; we will continue to grow and advance our careers and by setting new goals and transferring knowledge to others!


Building Brand + New Customer Acquisitions = New Market Expansion

At GRT Consulting, managers do not operate behind closed doors. Instead, they are coaching you every step of the way! They are always available to provide on-the-spot training and advice when challenges arise.

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